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This Mario Kart Mod is Absolutely Cursed

Super Mario Kart Awful

Do you love Super Mario Kart? Just watching this cursed video could put you off it for weeks.

No, we’re not talking about that one where a woman crawls out of the TV though, now we think about it, we’d pay good money for a karting game featuring famous horror icons. Instead, we’re referring to this footage of hacker MrL314’s Super Mario Kart mod.

It’s perhaps a mercy that this mod isn’t, yet, publicly available – though a demo can be had through MrL314’s Patreon. This Super Mario Kart race starts off normally enough, with the camera positioned behind the racers. But once the race start it becomes clear there’s something very, very wrong.

Instead of following the player (or players), this modded version of Super Mario Kart uses fixed camera angles. You know, the kind you’d see in Resident Evil or, post-race, when reviewing the action.

So, if you’re to have any hope of winning you’ll have to very quickly figure out where you are, before the camera changes again. In theory you could get used to the camera-switching but it’s not a task we’re in a hurry to take on.

Plus, none of the computer-controlled racers would have to deal with this issue. So you’d be hard pressed to actually win a race. On the plus side, we can see this being a YouTube-friendly challenge, one you could lose hair over.

You can watch the video above and if you want to help fund MrL314’s other less-harrowing SMK mods, you can contribute to his Patreon here.Β 

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