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This Video Mash-Up Puts John Wick in Resident Evil 4

John Wick in Resident Evil 4

Ever wondered how John Wick would cope with the horrors of Resident Evil 4? Now, thanks to a new video mash-up, you can find out.

The video takes Keanu Reeves’ badass and dumps him into a Plagas-infested Spanish village, with only his guns and ass-kicking skills for company. Will John Wick survive this Resident Evil 4 nightmare? Of course.

Sure, we love Leon Kennedy but John Wick is by far the bigger badass. And if you’re a fan of either John Wick or Resident Evil you’ll get a real kick out of this video. It’s the work of YouTuber eli_handle_b.wav, also responsible for the superb Mr Bean in Cyberpunk 2077. 

Watching John Wick just blast his way through cultists, with not a care in the world is bound to raise a smile. But what really had us in stitches was seeing his interactions with Resident Evil 4’s merchant.

If you’ve watched John Wick 2, you’ll have seen the bit where he goes shopping for weapons, armour and the like. eli_handle_b.wav has taken those interactions and swapped in the Merchant. The effect is really quite something.

You can check out the video above which, short as it is, is absolutely worth watching. And if you want more absurdity, you can find eli_handle_b.wav’s YouTube channel here.

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