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This Yakuza/The Sopranos Mash-Up is Stupid and Low Effort and We Love It

Yakuza Sopranos

We absolutely love this Yakuza/The Sopranos mash-up video and it makes us feel a little bit guilty.

We’ve previously highlighted the work of HuffingtonPants and eli_handle_b.wav who blend video footage from TV shows, movies and so forth with games, putting in some major effort to get things right. Then there’s this Yakuza/The Sopranos mash-up.

Put together by YouTuber MissHannya, it has The Soprano’s Paulie Walnuts wandering into a strip club and seeing. Well, we won’t spoil it for you, but if you can manage to watch it without seeing the video title you’ll have a better time of it.

But it just goes to show that it can be simplest, stupidest things that raise a laugh. We’ve been watching this again and again and again and it’s just got funnier with each viewing. Part of its charm is that it is such a low-effort piece of work.

You can watch this stupid, stupid clip above – see if you find it as entertaining as we do. If you’ve not played Yakuza it won’t be as funny but even so it should raise a chuckle or two

And if you haven’t played Yakuza, the games are currently on Xbox Game Pass and they’re also heavily discounted on the Xbox store. 

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