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Best Games Like Vampire Survivors on PS5, Ranked

Vampire Survivors isn’t out on PlayStation consoles yet. But don’t worry, there’s a good selection of games like Vampire Survivors on PS5 – and we’ve rounded them all up right here. Better yet, we’ve ranked them in order of worst to best. You’re welcome.

Okay, there aren’t tonnes of games like Vampire Survivors on PS5. Currently, there are only five of them, with more on the way soon (Yet Another Zombie Survivors being one of them). But each one brings something different to the “survivors-like” genre, as it’ll no doubt soon be known. Each one of these games is an auto-attacking roguelike, bringing the same dopamine hit of mass destruction that Vampire Survivors brings. And, dare we say it, some of these are even better than Vampire Survivors. Not even sorry.

And so, read on to see a full list of all games like Vampire Survivors on PS5, ranked from worst to best.

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5. Hack and Shoot Heroes

Hack and Shoot Heroes - Games Like Vampire Survivors

Our least favourite of all the games like Vampire Survivors on PS5 is Hack and Shoot Heroes. It’s not bad, by any means. It boasts a very similar art style to Vampire Survivors, and so if you dig the retro aesthetic you’ll feel quite at home here. But it’s very slow to get going, with limited weapons available to begin with. It’s hard to get into the rhythm of things – and you’ll also have to manually swing your sword, which we routinely forget to do, and it sort-of breaks the spirit of the auto-attacking roguelike.

Still, Hack and Shoot Heroes still provides the thrill of continually levelling up, decimating more and more enemies as you do. Stick with it, and it does get better, but the glacial pace of your character to begin with gets tiring very quickly.

4. Remedium Sentinels

Remedium Sentinels

There’s a lot to like about Remedium Sentinels. Sure, its retro style won’t be to everyone’s taste (but actually, we kind of dig it – even if it does take a few seconds to load in properly when you start playing). But it has some of the coolest weapons and attacks of any games like Vampire Survivors we’ve tried so far. You play as a mech-like Golem, and while only one is available to begin with, there are eight to unlock in total, each with their own starting skills.

Within minutes, you’ll be throwing out fireballs, chaining attacks between enemies, sending rippling lightning to any enemies who dare to get too close, and more. It’s a grim game with dark, foreboding locations, but if that’s your cup of tea, we think you’ll love this.

3. Whispike Survivors

Whispike Survivors

Of all the games like Vampire Survivors on PS5, Whispike Survivors feels like the more similar. Well, in its core gameplay, at least. Your starting character’s weapon is even a whip, just like in Vampire Survivors. It sports similar 16-bit visuals too, and has a similar arsenal of weapons. But its upgrade system feels very different. You see, to unlock new characters and better starting abilities in Whispike Survivors, you need to grow and nurture seeds.

Oh yes, your characters are essentially plants, and the longer they grow and the more fertiliser you feed them, the more powerful they become. It’s pretty cute, and adds a nice twist to the formula.

2. Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde

Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde

One of the games like Vampire Survivors with the nicest art style, we can’t get enough of Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde. Well, as long as you look past the lack of animations on your character. This colourful, chunky-looking roguelike wastes no time in throwing hundreds of enemies at you, and it quickly turns up to eleven, with no slow introduction period. You’ll be levelling up in no time, and soon you’ll have a powerful arsenal under your belt.

However, Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde doesn’t let you have unlimited attacks, so you’ll have to choose your weapons/skills carefully. The ones you do end up with, though, can be levelled up in numerous ways, and so before long you’ll be incredibly powerful.

1. Army of Ruin

Army of Ruin - Games lIke Vampire Survivors on PS5

Hands down, Army of Ruin is by far the best game like Vampire Survivors on PS5. Not only does it look fantastic but it plays incredibly well too. There’s a huge range of characters to unlock as you play, and over 100 weapons and abilities. Simply unlocking everything will keep you busy for weeks, and along the way you’ll have a blast obliterating everything in sight with some really cool attacks.

Our favourite is the balls of lava that spin around us as we move. But with magic orbs that target the nearest enemy, spikes of lightning that hit the ground, homemade bombs that explode over time and plenty more, no two runs through Army of Ruin are ever the same.

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