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Cat Quest 3 Preview – A Promising Furred Entry

Cat Quest 3 Logo

We loved 2017’s Cat Quest. We loved 2019’s Cat Quest 2, too, despite it pretty much being more of the same, just with a co-op twist. And so it’s pretty safe to say that we’re probably going to love Cat Quest 3. Launching next year, it’s looks set to offer more of the same once again, but with a smattering of new features to keep things fresh.

We were recently shown some gameplay for Cat Quest 3, and it left us feline good. Introduced to the Purribean, we instantly picked up a pirate vibe, and that also shone through in an important new gameplay element. You see, while much of your time in Cat Quest 3 will be spent exploring an overworld on foot and delving into dungeons to complete quests, you’ll also get your very own ship early on into the game.

With your ship, you’ll be able to seamlessly travel between land and sea, opening up the world for even more exploration. Although we should note that making use of your ship isn’t necessary; your feline friend is also able to travel through bodies of water thanks to an inflatable ring, but it’s much slower. There’s another advantage to taking to the sea via your ship, too: canons. Whether it’s to fend off enemy ships or bombard enemies on land, you’ll be glad you have them.

Cat Quest 3

In fact, ranged combat in general seems to be the biggest new addition in Cat Quest 3. When you’re not blasting enemies from the safety of your ship, you can make use of your new blunderbuss on land to thwart your enemies from a distance. This, in addition to your melee and magic attacks, will make you even more of a feline force to be reckoned with. Like your magic, you won’t be able to fire your gun willy-nilly, though; you’ll need to make effective use of the ammo you have, as it takes a while to replenish.

Set to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC next year, Cat Quest 3 isn’t going to be a wild reinvention of the series. It very much is Cat Quest, for better or worse. Thanks to features such as local co-op, trinkets that will allow you to alter your abilities, weapon and armor upgrades, and whole lot more, however, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be an engrossing experience for series fans.

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