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12 Changes We Want to See in Diablo 4

Diablo 4

We love Diablo 4. Since it released in June, we’ve already sank hundreds of hours into it. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t changes we’d like to see Blizzard make to the game. Diablo 3 now is unrecognisable compared to how it launched back in 2012, and we’ve no doubt that Diablo 4 will undergo just as many changes, too. What they will be remains to be seen. But we’ve got some ideas ourselves of the changes we’d like to see in Diablo 4.

From new ways to sort out out stash and inventory, to the Nemesis system from Diablo 3, there are a lot of changes – big and small – we’d love to see implemented in Diablo 4. Who knows if any of these will make it into the game – maybe Blizzard is already planning some of them – but it doesn’t stop us remaining hopeful. Read on to see the things we’d like to see added to Diablo 4.

So, Blizzard, if you’re listening, maybe stick some of these things in a future update, yeah?

1. Better treasure goblins

They weren’t in at the start, but Diablo 3 was eventually updated to add various types of treasure goblins. Rather than simply dropping general loot, different types would drop different things: the Gem Hoarder drops only gems, for example, and the Gilded Baron drops gold. Others can even leave behind portals to the Vault and Whimsydale. But in Diablo 4? There’s only one type of treasure goblin, and they’re pretty boring. Sure, we like loot. But a bit more excitement would go a long way. There was nothing quite as chaotic as trying to battle a Gelatinous Sire in Diablo 3 as it split into multiple, smaller treasure goblins.

2. More stash space and better ways to sort your stash

We’ll hand it to Blizzard: the last update to Diablo 4 brought more stash space. But we’d like even more – and we imagine we’ll get it, eventually. But what we would also like is more ways to sort our stash. At the minute, you can’t even manually place items in a particular location. We’d like to be able to sort by aspect or item level, or even by grouping up equipment pieces that would work well together. There are currently no options, other than an automatic sort by item type, so allowing us to manually place our items for easier sorting would go a long way.

3. Let us set a fixed home town

Pressing down on the d-pad warps you back to the closest main town, which is very handy. But whether it’s because it’s where we started, or it genuinely is a bit better than all the rest, we’ve got a soft spot for Kyovashad. So, Blizzard, let us set Kyovashad as our ‘home’ town, so we warp back there by default every time. Please.

4. Different animals for mounts

Horses are cool. But how good would it be to ride around Sanctuary on a Dire Wolf? Or a giant bear? Or even on the back of a demon warg? We’d love to see a wider variety of mounts in Diablo 4 to allow us to personalise our character a little further.

5. More difficulty levels

World Tier 4 is a bit of a challenge – at least for a while. But with our highest level characters, we can still decimate everything pretty quickly. We hope Blizzard add in more World Tiers to Diablo 4 pronto. This one feels like a given, going on the fact that Diablo 3 eventually had more than a dozen difficulty levels. But we imagine Blizzard are going to drop them piecemeal. Hopefully World Tier 5 isn’t too far away, though.

6. More World Bosses, more frequently

We love battling against a World Boss. It’s the only place that we really appreciate Diablo 4’s always-online feature, and the place where coming together with other players makes sense. There’s a great sense of camaraderie as you take down Ashava, Wandering Death or Avarice – but we wish there were more. We need some new World Bosses, and we need them to pop up on the map more frequently. As it is, they rarely coincide with the times we’re playing.

7. More secrets

Remember Whimsyshire, the super-colourful secret area in Diablo 3? And of course, the Cow Level and the Vault. Diablo 3 was absolutely teeming with secret areas for players to uncover. Now, there’s a chance Diablo 4 already has some that we just haven’t found yet. But at this point, it seems unlikely. We’d love to discover a portal to somewhere like Whimsyshire, and of course, Diablo 4 needs a Cow Level. It’s just a given at this point.

8. The gifts/mailbox system from Diablo 3

We imagine that not everyone was a fan of the gift/mailbox in Diablo 3. Essentially, you could use the mailbox to send items to your friends, and as you played, you’d occasionally find gifts for friends amongst your own loot. But since we tend to play Diablo in co-op, we loved sending and receiving gifts. Extra legendary items that you didn’t find yourself? Bonus!

9. An armoury that allows us to manage multiple builds

The Armoury is a feature which got added to Diablo 3 much after launch, but it’s a very useful one indeed. Particularly in late game shenanigans, it’s fun to mess around with different builds for a character class. Maybe you want a break from your Whirlwind Barbarian and try something else? The Armoury allowed you to save a set of all the gear that particular build needed, so you could easily switch back. It’s a feature that we’d use in Diablo 4, especially since there’s already a Wardrobe in the game. Just let us save some equipment ensembles please, Blizzard!

10. Make gems better

At the moment, gems are pretty useless in Diablo 4. They take up a lot of space in our inventory, and putting them in an item isn’t exactly revolutionary. We’d love to see them become more powerful and more meaningful. Or at the very least, let us upgrade them a little further to improve their current bonuses.

11. Bring back Diablo 3’s Nemesis system

In Diablo 3, you’d occasionally run into a Nemesis: a powerful demon who had previously killed you or one of your friends. Killing them would net you a lot of loot, but if they slayed you first, they’d disappear. We suppose Diablo 4’s Butcher is similar, but it always felt more personal with a Nemesis. They’d killed a friend! We needed vengeance! Besides, more opportunities to slay super-powerful demons is always a good thing in our book.

12. Let us trade legendaries with friends

We get why Blizzard has stopped trading of legendary items in Diablo 4. It stops third party selling of items, and all kinds of other nefarious actions that were undoubtedly going on in Diablo 3. But it also means we can’t trade useful stuff with our friends while playing co-op. Giving away our hand-me-downs or useful items for our friends’ classes was a big part of Diablo 3 for us, so it really is a shame we’re unable to do it in Diablo 4.

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