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Check Out The New Trailer for FMV The Isle Tide Hotel

The Isle Tide Hotel

Dubbed “Twin Peaks but British”, Wales Interactives’ latest FMV, The Isle Tide Hotel, has us seriously interested.

We’re fans of the publisher’s output of full-motion video games anyway. The likes of The Shapeshifting Detective and Ten Dates have kept us enthralled, and as a company it has more-or-less revitalised the lost art of FMV games. More like interactive movies than traditional video games, Wales Interactive’s games are rarely more than a couple of hours long but with their branching narratives and twisty plots they invite you to play multiple times.

And it seems that the latest from the company, The Isle Tide Hotel, will be no different. It’s set to release on 12th September, and tells the story of a father trying to save his daughter, Eleanor, from a bizarre cult, currently staying in the titular Isle Tide Hotel.

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Like all good FMVs, we can expect a thrilling – and perhaps enjoyably schlocky – narrative filled with twists and turns. Taking control of Eleanor’s father, players will make decisions and dialogue choices that will affect the outcome of the story. There are seven endings in total, so plenty of reason to jump back in to see the myriad of ways that this twisting tale can end.

Perhaps what we’re looking forward to move with The Isle Tide Hotel is its excellent cast. There’s more than a handful of familiar faces here, with Michael D. Xavier (Gentleman Jack), Amit Shah (The Witcher), Richard Brake (Game of Thrones) and Georgie Glen (Call the Midwife) all taking up roles, amongst others.

Watch The Isle Tide Hotel’s latest trailer below:

If that’s got you hungry for more, you don’t have to wait too long: The Isle Tide Hotel is set to release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on 12th September. And if even that is too long of a wait, there’s a free-to-play demo available right now on Steam.

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