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Diablo 4 Patch Notes

Diablo 4’s 1.1.3 Patch Notes Are Here and Crowd Control is Getting Tweaked

Diablo 4’s 1.1.3 patch isn’t here yet but Blizzard has released the patch notes ahead of time, letting players know what to expect.

The good news is that, unlike a certain previous patch, it probably won’t wind players up. There are no character-specific changes, as confirmed by Diablo 4’s 1.1.3 patch notes. Instead, the patch focuses on bug squashing and ability tweaks.

The patch makes some changes to Monster-induced Crowd Control abilities, skills that affect movement and so forth. Yes, the player can use these skills but they can also be used on them, which is what the patch addresses.

In Blizzard’s words, “These changes are aimed at the player having less time being Crowd Controlled and receiving more recovery time after being Crowd Controlled, especially at higher World Tiers.”

So, for example, the Chill Effect that Cold Spiders dish out has been diminished. It’s also easier to dodge Cannibal Gorgers’ Stun ability. They’ll still lay into you but you’ll have a slightly less painful time of it.

Speaking of strange and unusual powers, the patch also fixes a power-sharing bug. There was an issue whereby if players applied powers to a monster, other players got the benefit of those powers.

And while there’s no character-specific buffing or nerfing, the Druid is no longer in danger of having quests blocked. There was a bug that could fill their inventory with Druidic Spirit Offerings, meaning other quest items couldn’t be added. Now, Druid players can drop them, which should put paid to that potentially game-breaking issue.

You can find the full 1.1.3 patch notes here, with the patch arriving this August 29th. And if you’re just starting out in Diablo 4, check out our tips for beginners.

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