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Does The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Have a Single Player Mode?

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1 (1)

Find out if The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has any single player modes in our handy guide.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the latest horror property to be given the videogame treatment. And, like many others, it’s been turned into an asymmetrical horror game, with some players assuming the role the survivors, and others, killers. But if you’re thinking about picking The Texas Chain Saw Massacre up, you might be wondering if it has any single player modes or options.

If you were hoping for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to have a single player campaign or at least a mode or two you can play on your own, we have bad news: it’s strictly a multiplayer game. There are no single player options here whatsoever; you can’t even set up a game on your own and have the other spots taken up by bots. You either play it online with other players, or you don’t play it at all.

It’s a bit disappointing – we’d have loved a single player game based on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, or at least the option to play alone with bots, even if only to learn the game’s mechanics and explore its maps.

As it is, if you want some single player scares courtesy of a freaky family, you’ll have to make do with the likes of Resident Evil VII. Or you could pick up Evil Dead: The Game for both single player and multiplayer fun. And who knows, maybe bots will be added to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in the future.

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