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Exoprimal Will Get More Modules and Alpha Variant Suits on 16th August

Exoprimal Alpha Variant Suits (1)

Exoprimal has already been expanded upon since its launch with the introduction of Savage Trials, and even more content is set to be added this month.

In an update posted to the game’s Steam page, it has been been revealed that the first major update for Exoprimal, Title Update 1, will add lots of new modules to the game. But even more exciting is the news that it will also introduce new Alpha Variant Suits, effectively doubling the number of playable Exosuits in the game.

To unlock these Alpha Variant Suits, players will need to raise the level of a base to 20, then its Alpha Variant will be unlocked. It’ll be worth it, too, as the Alpha Variant Suits offer more just a cosmetic makeover. The Alpha Variant of the Zephyr Exosuit, for example, turns the usually close-range suit into one that’s more effective at mid-range, making use of a chakram on its arm to shoot energy halos that are more effective at a specific distance.

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Players that have already got their favourite Exosuits to level 20 will be able to make use of the new Alpha Variant Suits as soon as Title Update 1 lands on 16th August. At the same time, 34 new modules will be added to Exoprimal too. Some of these will be usable with all Exosuits, but will be only be compatible with the new Alpha Variants. As usual, they will be unlocked by increasing our player level, as well as the levels of your suits.

You can read more information about the update by clicking here.

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