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House Flipper 2 Has a December Release Date on PC

House Flipper 2
Image: Frozen District, Empyrean

Christmas is coming early! House Flipper 2 finally has a release date, and it’s landing on 14th December.

We were late to the party with the utter joy of House Flipper. We’ve only recently discovered how flippin’ brilliant it is – and that was down to the demo of House Flipper 2. After having such a good time renovating a beach house, we just had to seek out the original. And, well, since then many hours have been lost to tidying up and decorating made-up, digital houses. To hell with cleaning and decorating our own very real, messy house. Where’s the fun in that?

If you already know the joys of House Flipper, then, you’ll be overjoyed to hear that House Flipper 2 is landing on December 14th. Yes, just in time for your Christmas break! That’s Christmas sorted. Santa may as well take the year off.

The bad news for console players is it’s only coming to PC. For now, at least. We’ve no doubt that House Flipper 2 will make its way to Xbox and PlayStation eventually – just as the first did – but there’s no word on this yet.

Still, we’ll gladly dive in on PC, as House Flipper 2 offers plenty of content to look forward to. It boasts a new visual style, more beautiful-looking than the first. There’s also a Sandbox Mode, allowing players to build homes from scratch: recreate your own home or imagine up your dream mansion. Up to you.

Just like the first game, there’ll be plenty of contracts to take on, helping clients spruce up their homes, and there’ll also be a story to enjoy as you witness a transformation across four different neighbourhoods.

We can’t wait. House Flipper 2. 14th December. Yes!

Have you not yet discovered the joys of House Flipper? Pick up the first game and its many, many DLC packs at Humble Bundle.

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