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How to Break the Blue Chain Barriers in Blasphemous 2

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Learn how to break the blue chain barriers in Blasphemous 2, allowing you to access new areas.

As you make your way around the world of Blasphemous 2, you’ll sometimes find your exploration hindered by blue chain-like barriers. You’ll eventually need to be able to get past them just to finish the game, but in most areas they simply stop you from gaining access to useful items and upgrades. So, how do you break these pesky barriers in Blasphemous 2?

To break blue chain barriers in Blasphemous 2, you first need to beat the game’s initial slew of bosses. After this, a floating city will descend, and if you return to where you fought the boss in the Crown of Towers area and head right, you should eventually discover a ghostly bridge that wasn’t there before.

Head across the bridge and you’ll enter a new area called Basilica of Absent Faces, but there’s not much for you to do there right now. Instead, head straight through it, leaving via another ghostly bridge on the right. You’ll now be back in Crown of Towers. Head down, and you’ll find a room in which you need to use a mirror to get through a gate. Beyond the gate is the Mercy of the Wind skill, which allows you to perform a mid-air dash. Even better, it allows you to momentarily break the blue chain-like barriers that have previously been impassable to you. Just dash through them.

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