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Atlas Fallen review (1)

How to Fast Travel in Atlas Fallen

Find out how to move around the world of Atlas Fallen in a much more convenient manner thanks to fast travel.

Atlas Fallen has numerous large areas to explore, and while you can glide across bodies of sand which makes getting about somewhat fun, sometimes you’ll want to move somewhere else immediately. That’s where fast travel comes in, and here’s how you do it.

While you can fast travel in Atlas Fallen, unfortunately it’s not as simple as just opening up the game’s map and selecting a point of interest to quickly move to. Instead, you need to locate and unearth anvils. These can be found throughout the world of Atlas Fallen – just look for patches of ground that are glowing. Your supernatural friend, Nyaal, will also let you know when an anvil is near. When near a glowing spot where an anvil is hidden, hold up on the d-pad to raise it up, making it available for use.

Interact with an unearthed anvil, and you’ll see that there’s a fast travel option at the bottom of the menu that pops up. Select this, and you can then select any anvil on the map that appears to instantly fast travel to it. Thankfully, you’ll find an anvil near most points of interest. Just be aware that you can’t fast travel between areas, so be careful when progressing the story that you don’t lock yourself out of any content.

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