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Blasphemous 2

How to Level Up and Upgrade Your Weapons in Blasphemous 2

Learn how to level up and upgrade your weapons in Blasphemous 2, giving you access to new skills and more.

At the start of Blasphemous 2 you’ll be forced to choose a starting weapon, and this is likely to become your most used weapon throughout the game. You’ll find that while you can use Marks of Martyrdom to upgrade your weapon and unlock new skills, however, you’ll eventually need to level it up to be able to develop it further. So, how do you level up a weapon in Blasphemous 2?

To level up a weapon in Blasphemous 2, allowing you to upgrade it further with Marks of Martyrdom, you need to find statues holding additional copies of that particular weapon. Once you find one, press up on the d-pad to interact with it and your weapon level will increase.

You’ll find an upgrade for the Ruego Al Alba in Beneath Her Sacred Grounds, for example, after you’ve unlocked the ability to double jump. And there’s another in Crown of Towers. When it comes to the mace, Veredicto, there’s an upgrade in Elevated Temples, in the room just above the large column on the map. Another can be found in Sunken Cathedral, further into the game. Upgrades for Sarmiento & Centella can be found in both Elevated Temples and Choir of Thorns.

Ultimately you’ll acquire all three weapons in Blasphemous 2, but you’ll have to prioritise which one you upgrade first what with Marks of Martyrdom taking a while to earn. Just keep exploring and killing enemies, however, and you should eventually have enough Marks or Martyrdom to fully max out all three.

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