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Atlas Fallen review 3

How to Play Atlas Fallen With Friends

Here’s how to enjoy Atlas Fallen in co-op with either a friend or family member.

Action RPG Atlas Fallen is a sizeable game full of combat encounters and exploration, and while it’s enjoyable alone, it’s even more fun when played in co-op. While local co-op is out of the question, another player with a copy of the game can join you online, adding another level of strategy to fights and more. But as the game doesn’t walk you through it, you might be wondering how you play Atlas Fallen with friends.

To play Atlas Fallen in co-op with friends, you first need to play through the game’s prologue. Once you have your gauntlet and your adventure has begun proper, though, setting up a co-op game is easy. All you have to do is open up the in-game menu where you access your map, quests, etc., and use the left and right shoulder buttons on your controller to navigate to the co-op tab. From there, you just need to press the confirm button to host a game, and on the next screen that appears select a friend to invite to your game. Once they accept the invite, they should join you.

As mentioned though, Atlas Fallen supports online co-op only, so you can’t play it with others locally. Further to that, it doesn’t support cross-play, so you can only invite friends if they own the game on the same format as you. It’s a shame, but if you do have friends that play on the same platform and enjoy action adventure games, it’s definitely worth giving a go.

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