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Atlas Fallen Review

How to Use Photo Mode in Atlas Fallen

Find out how to use photo mode in Atlas Fallen, allowing you to capture and share its most impressive sights.

While Atlas Fallen isn’t the most visually impressive game, at least on consoles, it does present some spectacular sights from time to time. Because of that, you’ll be glad to hear that it has a photo mode, allowing you to capture those locations and enemies that impress you as you play. But how do you use photo mode in Atlas Fallen?

There are two ways to access photo mode in Atlas Fallen. The first is by pausing the game with the options/menu button, then selecting Photo Mode in the list of options that appear. Alternatively, you can go into the Settings menu, select Gameplay & HUD, and then enable the Photomode Shortcut option. This allows you to enter photo mode during play by pressing in both analogue sticks simultaneously.

When entering photo mode, you’ll find that it offers a decent number of options to make your shots unique. You can use the left and right shoulder buttons to switch between categories such as Camera, Lens, Exposure, Frames, etc. When you’re done and ready to take a shot, simply press the confirm button (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox) to hide the interface. You can then use your format’s screenshot option to take your shot.

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