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Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker Gets Daily Challenges and More in Mid-Sector Update

A Mid-Sector update is coming to Meet Your Maker next week, bringing new features, extra content and improvements.

Going live on 15th August, the Rising Tides Mid-Sector update for Meet Your Maker will bring two major updates to the game: new daily challenges, and social raiding on every Outpost. The latter means that every Activated Outpost will automatically have the “Social Raid” status enabled, allowing played to search them much easier.

The new Daily Challenges system, on the other hand, will replace the current Chimera Tribute system. All players will have a stream of activities to jump into, updated daily. And completing these challenges will, of course, new you various rewards. Challenges will vary day from day, but will encourage players to use different strategies and will focus on different mechanics.

Five new mods and augments will also be coming to Meet Your Maker, which will be unlockable with in-game currency. New decals are also coming to the game, along with various bug fixes and balances.

Finally, we’ve also had a tease of what’s coming to Meet Your Maker in the upcoming Sector 2. Called “Shattered Peak”, it looks like players will be heading somewhere very icy. We’ll find out more about the next major update soon.

You can see the full details of the update by visiting the Meet Your Maker blog here.

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