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Starfield Fans are Already Talking About Destroying Cities and Planets


Starfield offers a galaxy of over 1000 planets. So just which of them or, their respective settlements, can you blow up?

Those are the important questions being mooted on the Reddit Starfield forums, across various threads. “Do you think we will be able to blow up an entire city?” asks one Redditor. “I want to be able to blow up entire planets. Like megaton but on a mondo scale,” adds another.

If you’ve not played Fallout 3, you could destroy an entire settlement by activating the unexploded nuclear bomb that formed its centrepiece. So a lot of would-be Starfield fans have the expectation that you’ll be able to follow suit.

It’s not as ridiculous as sounds and while Bethesda hasn’t said anything on the subject, we got a little worried when we discovered one of the cities was called New Atlantis. Atlantis is a legendary city that supposedly sunk under the seas, so naming a city New Atlantis is kind of tempting fate.

It’s a little like calling a boat Titanic 2, in fact. If there’s any city in Starfield that’s likely to meet an unpleasant end it’s New Atlantis, one involving an awful lot of water. But as for going planet-to-planet blowing them up? That’s not something we can see actually happening.

Still.. if blowing up Starfield planets is an option, we’ll be sure to test it out. You know, for science?

Starfield arrives on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass this September 6th.

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