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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game is Getting TikTok DMCA Strikes and Gun Interactive Isn’t Happy

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Gun Interactive, publisher of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is not happy that TikTok footage of the game is receiving DMCA strikes.

Update 20/08/2020 12:50 GMT: We initially referred to Gun Interactive as Gun Media. Gun Media was the company’s name but it’s now Gun Interactive or just Gun.

Conceived and published by Gun Interactive and developed by Sumo Digital, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an asymmetrical  horror game that pits three deranged killers against four would-be survivors. However, some TikTokers who’ve been sharing footage of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre have been hit by DMCA strikes.

So why is Gun unhappy about this? Isn’t it their fault for issuing those The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game DMCA/copyright strikes? Not according to Gun’s CEO Wes Keltner. Keltner and his company have assured players that they’re free to stream the game as is. A month before the game’s launch he Tweeted:

I wanted to remind you that the ULA that comes with the game includes music licensing language that protects content creators. What this means is we are granting you the right to STREAM EVERYTHING including the music within the game.”

And yet, some TikTok users are still getting strikes. There are plenty of TCM videos on TikTok, but several of older links we followed had been taken down. Earlier today, Keltner expressed his displeasure that this is happening, stating Gun’s legal department would be reaching out to TikTok.

So what’s going on? One possibility is that TikTok is issuing copyright strikes off its own back. Another is that a third party is falsely claiming ownership of these clips, something which has does happen on YouTube. Replaying to Keltner’s tweet, several Twitch creators have said that they’ve also been receiving copyright strikes.

It’s also possible that TikTok has taken down some videos based on their content. There are some pretty gruesome executions in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. But so far,  there’s been no mention of content warnings, just DMCA strikes. TikTok creators have the option to appeal but they’re losing out on views while it’s down.

This isn’t just a big deal for creators, either. If you’re a developer or publisher you’ll typically want streamers playing your game. It’s free publicity, even if some of them are spoiling your narrative game’s twist ending.

Hopefully Gun’s legal team can get this sorted. And if you’ve yet to dive into The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it’s on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Game Pass. And if you’re wondering whether it has a single player mode, here’s your answer.

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