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The Walking Dead: Destinites

The Walking Dead: Destinies is an Upcoming Game Based on the TV Series

Revealed today via a trailer dropped on IGN’s YouTube channel, we’re getting a new game based on The Walking Dead. Called The Walking Dead: Destinies, it follows the events of the TV series, but offers players the chance to, well, change destiny. Safe to say, as fans of the show, we’re very intrigued.

The Walking Dead: Destinies is described as a “choice-driven action-adventure game”, and it’s based on the first four seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The choices you make will matter, then, but we don’t think this is going to be quite like Telltale’s The Walking Dead in that regard: there’s going to be a bigger focus on action here rather than just simply storytelling.

We should probably keep our expectations in check, however. It appears that this is going to be a rather low-budget affair, with no big-name studio behind it to ensure a high calibre of games. It’s being developed by Flux Games, a studio with only four titles to its name so far: puzzle game Trenga Unlimited, party game Get Over Here, and Cobra Kai and its sequel. We’ve not played Get Over Here and while we didn’t mind Trenga, Cobra Kai was mediocre at best. It doesn’t fill us with confidence.

Watch the trailer for The Walking Dead: Destinies below:

Still, we’ll remain open-minded about The Walking Dead: Destinies. While we’ve had more than our fair share of games based on The Walking Dead, few are based directly on the TV series and even fewer come to consoles. So while it may not be the big-budget, open world Rick Grimes simulator we were hoping for, we’ll still be keeping this on our radar and hoping for the best.

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