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The Xenomorph is Coming to Dead By Daylight in its Latest DLC

Dead By Daylight Alien

Honestly, we’re surprised there hasn’t already been a Dead By Daylight and Alien crossover until now. Can you think of a better Killer than the Xenomorph?

Behaviour Interactive, developer of Dead by Daylight has lifted the lid on the latest expansion coming to the game, bringing a new killer and survivor. Dead By Daylight: Alien, landing on all platforms on 29th August, brings the Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley. And frankly, we’re very excited – this could be one of the best Dead by Daylight crossovers yet.

The Alien expansion also brings a new location to Dead By Daylight: the Nostromo Wreckage. Well, can you imagine running away from the Alien anywhere else? Didn’t think so.

We expect Ellen Ripley to be a very capable survivor. She’s described as “strong-willed, level-headed and determined” – exactly the qualities you want in any survivor, if you ask us. She brings a new survivor tool to the game in the form of the Remote Flame Turret. When placed, it staggers the Xenomorph and can cause its unique power to end prematurely.

As for the Xenomorph itself, it’s going to be a terrifying and powerful killer to overcome. Stealth is its greatest tool: as the press release puts it, “quick and powerful, it can strike survivors with its razor-sharp tail”. The Xenomorph’s unique power is Runner Mode, where it can travel on all four legs, becoming more stealthy and minimising its terror radius.

We’re very much looking forward to taking Ripley and the Alien for a spin. You’ll be able to from 29th August on all formats and, of course, you’ll need the base game to be able to play.

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