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Baldur's Gate 3 Bug

This Baldur’s Gate 3 Bug is Horrifying and We Want it Back

It’s not often we ask for a game to have glitches but there’s a wonderfully disturbing Baldur’s Gate 3 bug we wish was still in the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 was released into Steam Early Access so, as you might expect, there were plenty of bugs. And we’re happy to report that, having dove right into this fantasy RPG, we’ve stumbled across relatively few. But we still seriously miss the Contortionist Korrilla bug.

This bug was introduced with patch 5 and as we noted at the time, it’s just amazing. It crops up when you’ve just been rescued by Korrilla. She’s the servant of someone who has in an interest in your.. condition.

As turns to leave, she warns you to be more careful Then, her whole torso bends back and she just stares at you as she walks away. As horrifying as it sounds, it’s a magnificent, magnificent bug and we just love it. You can watch the bug in action below, captured by YouTuber JibunFade.

What makes this so special is her dialogue, her warning that “We won’t always be watching” and then she does just that. It’s also fun trying to figure out how this happened. Our favourite theory is that the NPC was flagged to watch the player as it walked away, resulting in.. well, that.

Except, in the non-buggy version of the cutscene, she doesn’t so much as look back, she just exits. Whatever the reason behind it, we’d love to have this Exorcist-style Baldur’s Gate 3 bug back. Maybe add a little tick box in the settings, you know.. Korrilla = Nightmare Fuel Y/N? Now that’s DLC we’d definitely pay for.

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