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PowerA Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox Controller

This Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox Controller is Just Delightful

Have you ever sat and looked at the Xbox controller in your hands and thought, “there’s just not enough Sonic the Hedgehog here”? Yes? Well, have we got the announcement for you! PowerA has just revealed a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed Xbox controller, and never will your hands feel slow and non-hedgehog like again.

Coming in a gorgeous, vibrant blue colour – just like the hedgehog himself – PowerA’s Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox controller sports a motif of Sonic on the left grip. It’s patterned in a tiled design – resembling a Sonic bonus stage in our opinion – and there are also some star motifs dotted around. It’s a thing of beauty, and surely a must for any Sonic fan.

The only problem? It’s a wired controller. But having reviewed PowerA controllers in the past, we’ve found them to be of excellent quality. And you don’t have to worry about changing batteries half-way through a level. The bold designs more than make up for the freedom of having a wireless controller, in our opinion.

Switch players needn’t be left out, too, with PowerA also revealing a Sonic-themed controller and case for Nintendo’s handheld. The design here is slightly different: Sonic instead takes the central section of the controller, with a blue and yellow ‘dash’ design providing a burst of colour. The case is very similar, making a great pairing.

Sonic Switch case controller PowerA

Both controllers and the Switch case will be available from select retailers from tomorrow, August 8th. If you’re a PlayStation gamer? Sorry – no Sonic controller for you. Boo.

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