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What Difficulty Should You Play Atlas Fallen On?

Find out what difficulty level is right for you in Atlas Fallen with our handy guide.

When you start playing Atlas Fallen, you’ll be asked to select a difficulty level to play the game on. At this point, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise – it’s nothing new. But you might be wondering which difficulty level is right for you.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from in Atlas Fallen: Unnamed’s Story, which is essentially Easy, Gauntlet Bearer, which is Normal, and Thelos’ Scourge, which is Hard. Your choice largely just affects the game’s combat, but given there’s so much of it, it can have a large impact on your experience with the game overall.

Ultimately, your choice should be driven by how challenging you want the game to be. If you want to just focus on the game’s story and explore its world without any frustrations, Unnamed’s Story (Easy) is perhaps the best choice. Combat can still be a little challenging at times on this difficulty, especially if you don’t take time to upgrade your gear and learn the ins and outs of combat, but on the whole it is indeed quite easy.

For those wanting more of challenge, though, Gantlet Bearer (Normal) is more appropriate. On this difficulty level you have to engage with more of the game’s systems, and think about how they work with each other. You’ll also have to be more skilful in combat, and perhaps engage with some of the game’s side content to upgrade your gear and stones, giving you more of a fighting chance. It’s the ideal way to play.

When it comes to Thelos’ Scourge (Hard) difficulty, we recommend saving this for a second playthrough. It truly is challenging, which can lead to a frustrating experience if it’s your first time playing the game. It’s up to you, though; if you want a hardcore challenge, go for it if you wish.

It’s worth noting that you can change the game’s difficulty at any time – just pause the game and select the Difficulty option. There are no difficulty related achievements or trophies, either, so if you’re into such things you don’t need to let them affect your choice. Perhaps just start on the one that sounds right for you, then adjust as necessary.

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