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What Difficulty Should You Play Everspace 2 On?

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Read on to find out out what the best difficulty level will be for you in Everspace 2, which has just landed on Xbox and PlayStation.

Choosing a difficulty in a game can be a difficult task in itself. Are you locked into your decision? Will you be unable to earn achievements or trophies if you choose an easier difficulty? Will you need to start from scratch if it’s too hard or too easy for you? Thankfully, Everspace 2 makes everything rather straightforward, with five difficulties to choose from.

No matter what difficulty you choose in Everspace 2, you can change your choice in the settings at any point. And you’ll also be pleased to know that your choice doesn’t affect trophies, achievements or game content. Phew.

Here are the five difficulty modes you can choose between:

  • Very Easy – If you want to purely focus on story with no difficulties, this is for you.
  • Easy – This is a casual mode with less frustrations.
  • Normal – Everspace 2 describes this difficulty as “brutal fairness”. This is the default difficulty setting.
  • Hard – If you want to raise the stakes and have a greater challenge, choose Hard.
  • Very Hard – The description for this difficulty? “Plans are for fools, my friend”.

Most players, then, will do well to start on Normal. From there, you can adjust up or down if you need to. If you know you like to sail through games without much challenge, opt for an easier difficulty. We’d only recommend choosing hard or very hard if you’re already well-versed in the series, or at least the genre.

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