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XP Farming Makes You the Monster and This Animated Comedy Short Proves It

XP Farming Animated Short

Have you ever gone farming for XP in a role-playing game, slaughtering enemy after respawning enemy? You’re just the worst and this animation proves it.

It’s the latest short from animator and YouTuber Matthew McCleskey, previously seen skewering Final Fantasy XVI, amongst other things. He’s created some superbly on-point rotoscope-style animations and XP Farming is the subject of his latest animation.

XP farming, as seen in games like Elden Ring, is killing enemies again and again just to rack up experience points or a game’s equivalent. Sometimes enemies will respawn of their own volition while other times, as in Elden Ring, you’ll need to rest at a checkpoint.

Sure, it sounds pretty terrible, just killing the same enemy and again, and that’s because it is. From the NPC’s perspective you’ve had your head divorced from your shoulders, you wake up and, five minutes later, you’ve been murdered all over again.

Except, according to McCleskey’s short, that’s not what’s actually happening. The truth is much, much more horrifying. We’re not going to spoil the ending but let’s just say that video game goblins get a raw deal.

You can watch the XP farming short above and find the rest of McClesky’s work here. He’s also go a merchandise store which you can check out here.

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