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Steam Deck

You Can Now Buy a Refurbished Steam Deck Directly From Valve

The Steam Deck is a wonderful piece of kit.

Packed with a surprisingly capable AMD APU, 16 GB RAM and between 64-512 GB of storage as standard, it enables you to play a huge library of PC games on the go. Just think of all the extra time you could be playing Baldur’s Gate 3 in bed, on the loo, or during your commute, for example. And now, owning a Steam Deck has just got considerably cheaper, thanks to the fact you can buy a refurbished unit directly from Valve.

While you could previously buy a refurbished Steam Deck from a number of third-party retailers such as GameStop, Valve had no hand in getting them back up to scratch and providing a warranty. Buying directly from Valve, however, that all changes. The units, which are selected customer returns, will have been checked over by Valve to make sure they pass a number of rigorous tests, so you can be safe in the knowledge that it will be nearly as good as new. And if anything does go awry, you’ll have the same warranty as you would with a new unit.

All this and we’ve yet not touched on what’s really important: the cost. A refurbished Steam Deck comes in 20% cheaper than one that’s new. That means you can have a 64 GB unit for just £279.99, a 256 GB unit for £369.99, or a 512 GB unit for £459.99. Honestly, it makes them a bit of a bargain. Unfortunately they’ve proved rather popular, so they’re out of stock at this exact moment. Keep an eye on the refurbished Steam Deck store page, however, as they’ll frequently come into stock. And if you can’t wait, you can see what new units are available.

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