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Core Keeper Shimmering Frontier

A New Realm is Coming to Core Keeper in its October Update

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Fancy jumping into the Shimmering Frontier? In that case, you’re going to want to revisit Core Keeper when its next major content update lands next month.

Coming on 4th October, the ‘Shimmering Frontier’ content update for Core Keeper brings a whole new biome and plenty more changes to the popular sandbox adventure game. The crystal-based biome adds a new ore – Solarite – which, as usual, will let you craft more powerful equipment.

There’s also some new gadgets incoming: the Roofing Gadget and the Obliteration Ray. The former lets you crack through the ceiling to let beams of sunlight come through, while the latter lets you mine through walls faster than any other piece of equipment. We’re all for added speed!

Of course, Core Keeper’s Shimmering Frontier update also brings new enemies to the game, all crystal-themed. There’s also a Crystal Merchant who will sell you crystal-based wares.

It’s not just crystal-themed content, either. The new update will bring new battle events, allowing players to test their combat prowess in arena-based combat challenges that offer up great rewards. And you’ll also find a new optional boss – the Atlantean Worm – if you fancy an epic challenge.

Core Keeper is still in Early Access, available on PC. The new update drops on October 4th, free for all owners of the game. Read more about Core Keeper here.

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