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Can You Change Your Character Name in Fae Farm?

Fae Farm

Are you wondering if you can change the name of your character in Fae Farm? Here’s everything you need to know.

Despite having a character creator, letting you customise the character you play as in Fae Farm, there’s no initial option to change your name. When you talk to citizens and NPCs around the town of Astoria, then, they simply refer to you by your Steam username. (If you’re playing on Switch, we assume you’ll be referred to by your Switch username.) It’s a little off-putting, and breaks our immersion in the game somewhat. But is there a way to change your name in Fae Farm?

Thankfully you can change your name, but the way to do it is a little convoluted. To change your character’s name in Fae Farm, you need to have a Phoenix Labs account. Your Phoenix Labs account – an account of the game developer’s company – will connect directly to your game and pull information from there. The screen name you set in your Phoenix Labs account will be the name that appears ass your character name in the game.

If you don’t have a Phoenix Labs account, click the “Phoenix Labs Friends” option on the home screen of Fae Farm. That will load up Phoenix Labs in a browser window, allowing you to create an account and set a new name. You can also click here to sign up. If you already have an account, you’ll need to sign in via a browser and change your name in your account settings.

We’re glad that you can change your name, but we wish this was a bit easier. Hopefully developer Phoenix Labs may patch something in to allow us to change our character’s name within the game at some point.

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