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Fae Farm decorate house

Can You Decorate Your Home in Fae Farm?

Are you wondering if you can decorate your home in Fae Farm and make it your own? Here’s everything you need to know.

A big draw of cosy farming simulator-type games for a lot of people is the opportunity to decorate your own home. There’s something special about taking a video game space and truly making it your own. We’ve got good news if you’re thinking of jumping into Fae Farm: you can indeed decorate your home as you play.

Your home in Fae Farm is fairly small to start out with, but you can upgrade it as you progress. Straight away, though, you’ll be able to decorate your space with bits of furniture, wallpaper, rugs and flooring. However, you may have to wait a while until you can get your house looking exactly like you want it.

You see, every piece of furniture in Fae Farm needs to be crafted. Not only will you need to find crafting recipes – which unlock as you play, or are found by exploring the world – but you’ll need to have all the materials to hand. You’ll need to put several hours into the game, then, before you can decorate your Fae Farm home just as you like it.

We like that you can’t jump straight into making it your own, though. It means you need to work towards getting the perfect house, and it feels like a real achievement when you get there.

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