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Does Fae Farm Have Local Co-op or Multiplayer?

Fae Farm

Are you wondering if you can play Fae Farm locally with a friend in couch co-op or multiplayer? Here’s what you need to know.

While Fae Farm can be played wholly in single-player, it’s been heavily marketed as a multiplayer experience. You can team up with up to three of your friends and play in the same world, or simply visit each other’s worlds. But can you play Fae Farm with a friend on the same machine in local co-op? Or can you only play via online multiplayer?

Here’s the bad news: Fae Farm has no local couch co-op. Each player needs their own PC or their own Switch to be able to play. There’s no way to pick up a second controller and jump into a game on the same screen as a friend.

In Phoenix Lab’s own words, “Fae Farm can be enjoyed with friends and family either online, or locally via the ad-hoc wireless feature.” That means that you can either connect over the internet, or on Switch you can connect two consoles directly together without relying on a wifi connection. That’s a pretty neat feature, but it still requires two consoles and two copies of the game.

If you want to play with friends, then, you’ll have to go online or connect to them wirelessly. There’s no way to play Fae Farm in local couch co-op, which is a shame. Maybe it’s a feature that might be added further down the line, but for now, it’s simply not an option.

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