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Forget Fallout, We Need a Starfield Chunks Cookbook

Starfield Chunks

We can see the appeal of Fallout’s Vault Dweller’s Cookbook, but what we really, really need is a Starfield Chunks Cookbook. Why? Because as great as Starfield is, the one aspect of it that’s captured our imaginations the most is the Chunks-branded cubic food.

There’s a store on New Atlantis but, playing the game, you’ll stumble upon them whenever you enter a lived-in area. They’re these little square-shaped pieces of food, with names like ‘Pumpkin Pie’, ‘Mongolian Beef’, and more. You can even get Chunks wine.

We’re fascinated by the strange beauty of these items, as well as the wizardry that, in Starfield’s universe, has gone into making them. It’s as if someone wanted a halfway house between astronaut pouches and regular food. And, in today’s on-the-go society, where people are scarfing ‘Huel’, we could actually see these taking off.

That’s why we need a cookbook and, preferably, some custom-sized cutters so we can make these a real thing. We’re not the only ones getting Chunk-a-mania, either. Cookbook or not, some Starfield players have turned their hand to Chunking real-life food.

Reddit user Euphoric_Ad_2049, for example, has conjured up a near-perfect Chunks breakfast. We’re docking them points for the beans not being cubes but it’s still impressive work. And other Redditors have followed suit.

So how about it, Bethesda? Put out a Starfield Chunks cookbook and let us take our Chunks obsession (Chunksession?) to the next level. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve three square meals a day?

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