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Dinosaur games bundle Primal Carnage Extinction

Grab 8 Dinosaur Games Including Turok For Less Than £10

We heard you like dinosaurs.

Of course you do. Inside, we’re all still children, slightly obsessed with the prehistoric creatures that walked the Earth before we did. And so, we’re also slightly obsessed with dinosaur games. You might be interested to learn, then, that Humble currently has a bundle of games all about dinosaurs. Eight excellent dino games on PC that can be yours for less than £10. What more could you want?

The Dino Fever Game Bundle is available on Humble for the next two weeks, costing just £9.40. For that, you’ll get eight dinosaur-themed games, including games where you’re hunting dinosaurs, games where you are the dinosaurs, and games where you’re searching for fossils.

The full list of games included in the Dino Fever Game Bundle is as follows:

  • Dinosaur Fossil Hunter
  • Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt
  • Saurian
  • Prehistoric Hunt
  • ARBS: Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
  • Primal Carnage: Extinction
  • Turok
  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

If you don’t want the full bundle, there’s also a smaller, four-game bundle that will cost you £5.48. In that, you’ll get Turok, Turok 2, Primal Carnage: Extinction and ARBS.

As always, purchasing a bundle from Humble will support a charity. This time, you’ll be supporting World Kitchen Central, which helps ensure people have access to food following a natural disaster, and Direct Relief, which provides medical support across the world.

You’ve got two weeks to grab the Dino Fever bundle from Humble, so don’t miss out.

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