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Fanatical Mystery Vault Bundle

Grab Yourself a Mystery Bundle of Steam Games for Pennies

We’ve always loved a mystery gift. Whether it’s a Secret Santa gift exchange in the office, or one of those £1 lucky bags you begged your parents for as a kid, there’s something alluring about not quite knowing what you’re going to get. Fanatical’s Mystery Vault Bundle, letting you choose between 1 and 20 mystery Steam games – scratches the same itch. And we couldn’t resist scratching it.

One code can be purchased for £1, while 10 codes will set you back £6.99, and 20 codes are just £13.49. The more codes you buy, then, the cheaper they’ll be. According to the listing, there are more than 250 titles up for grabs in the bundle. And the ones you get will be a complete surprise.

We opted for a 10 code bundle, and were pleasantly surprised with what we got. Our random selection of games included mostly releases from the last couple of years, with the exception of DOOM (1993) – but that’s an absolute classic, so we’re not complaining. Despite each game costing us just 69 pence each, our haul included the fantasy adventure Soulstice, which currently costs £34.99 on Steam, and Override 2: Super Mech League, which should be £24.99. An absolute bargain, then.

Here’s the full list of games we got in our bundle of ten games. Of course, your own ten games will vary, but this should give you an icea of the quality (and variety) of titles up for grabs:

  • Survivalist
  • Just Die Already
  • Soulstice
  • Exorder
  • Eternal Edge+
  • Embr
  • Override 2: Super Mech League
  • Sword of the Necromancer
  • DOOM (1993)
  • Patch Quest

If you fancy taking a punt on adding a selection of mystery games to your library, don’t miss out. Just be aware that if you buy multiple bundles, there’s a chance you’ll end up with duplicate codes (but any individual bundle will give you unique titles).

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