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How to Change Between First and Third-Person View in Starfield

Find out how to switch between first and third-person viewpoints in Starfield, allowing you to explore as you please.

Like in other open world Bethesda RPGS, Starfield gives you to choice of playing via both first-person and third-person viewpoints. Which one is better? It’s impossible to say – ultimately it’s a matter of personal preference. It’s a good idea to give them both a try, though, and then you can decide which one works best for you. So, how do you change between first and third-person viewpoints in Starfield?

Switching between first and third-person viewpoints in Starfield is actually very easy when you know how. You don’t have to go into any menus and fiddle with options, or anything like that. If you’re playing with an Xbox controller all you have to do is press the View button to change your view. And if you’re playing on PC with a mouse and keyboard, you simply have to press the mouse wheel button.

You’ll find that there are three views to choose from: first-person, third-person (close) and third-person (far). You’ll cycle through all three each time you change. Each one has its own benefits and pitfalls, so try them all to see how you get on with them. It’s so easy to switch between them that you might decide to use one to explore and another for engaging in combat, for example.

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