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How to Complete A Watery Wonder in Fae Farm

Fae Farm Watery Wonder

A Watery Wonder is the first “big” quest you’ll come across in Fae Farm, and completing it can be a little tricky. We’re here to help you.

You’ll pick the quest called ‘A Watery Wonder’ in Fae Farm when you reach floor 25 of the Saltwater Mines. There, you’ll meet Neppy, a magical creature who… is very hungry. And it’s your job to feed them. It’s going to take a lot of food, however, and that’s what the quest revolves around: preparing lots of food.

Here’s what you need to complete A Watery Wonder:

  • 5x Steamed Fish
  • 3x Sardine
  • 20x Diced Roots
  • 10x Sand Dollar
  • 10x Coral

Some of those items are fairly easy to get, but others involve quite a few stages and a fair bit of crafting (and gathering). Let’s start with the easy stuff first.

How to find Sand Dollars and Coral in Fae Farm

To complete A Watery Wonder in Fae Farm, you’ll need 10 Sand Dollars and 10 pieces of Coral. These are the easiest parts of the quest: simply head for any beach and you’ll find both items dotted around. Coral looks like a chunky, pink branch. Sand Dollars look almost like coins, hence their name.

How to get Sardines in Fae Farm

Sardines are rather easy to get, too: you simply need to fish for them. However, they’re not the most common type of fish, classified as ‘rare’ in the game. You’ll spot them just away from the shore – they’re pink in colour and a little smaller/slimmer than other fish. They’ll also shimmer slightly thanks to being rare.

Pull out your fishing rod and aim it in their general area. Wait until the fish is close to the rod then wiggle it. Once the sardine is hooked on, hold to reel them in, but be sure to release when your line starts turning red.

How to make Steamed Fish in Fae Farm

Making Steamed Fish for the ‘A Watery Wonder’ quest in Fae Farm is perhaps the hardest part. To make the dish, you’ll need to have a Food Prep Table and Cooking Hearth. Both of these items can be crafted in build mode on your farm.

  • To make a Food Prep Table, you’ll need: 1x Beech Lumber, 1x Copper Ingot, 2x Stone Brick and 1x Oak Lumber.
  • To make a Cooking Hearth, you’ll need: 2x Beech Lumber, 3x Stone Brick, 3x Clay Brick and 2x Copper Ingot.

Before you can get lumber, bricks and ingots, you’ll need a Stone Forge and a Lumber Station. We’ve got guides for both: click here to learn how to get a Stone Forge, and here to to make a Lumber Station.

Right: now you have everything you need, it’s time to get making Steamed Fish. Each Steamed Fish requires 1x Fish Fillet and 2x Fresh Greens. Fish fillets can be cut from any fish using a Food Prep Table. Bigger fish will give you multiple fillets, so you don’t necessary need five fish to make five Steam Fish.

As for Fresh Greens, you’ll need Arugula: one Arugula, prepared on the Food Prep Table, will give you two fresh greens.

Once you’ve got everything, head to the Cooking Hearth and select the Steamed Fish recipe. Phew.

How to make Diced Roots in Fae Farm

The final part of the Watery Wonder quest is making Diced Roots. Again, you’ll need to use a Food Prep Table for this. Diced Roots can be made from any root vegetable – we used Turnips as they’re the easiest to grow (you can buy seeds from the market). Take your veggies to the Food Prep Table and make them into Diced Roots – one vegetable will give you two Diced Roots.

And that’s it! With all that done, you can head back to Neppy on the 25th floor of the Saltwater Mines. Put everything you’ve crafted and gathered on the pedestal, and that’s the quest completed.

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