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How to Increase Your Carry Weight in Starfield

Find out how to increase your carry weight in Starfield, allowing you to pick up more items before becoming encumbered.

As you explore the planets of Starfield, you’re likely encounter a whole lot of loot that you’ll be keen to pick up. From materials useful when crafting, to valuable gear dropped by enemies, it all has a weight to it. And if you’re not careful, you’ll soon find you’re you’re over your carry weight limit, which has unfortunate repercussions. So, how do you increase your carry weight in Starfield, you might be wondering? After all, no one likes being over-encumbered.

The easiest way to increase your carry weight in Starfield is to invest skill points into Weight Lifting. To do this, open up the in-game menu and then select Skills. In the Skills menu, you then want to navigate to the Physical tab. There, you’ll find the Weight Lifting skill. Invest skill points in this to increase your carry weight. At level 1 your carry weight will be increased by 10kg. Level 2 sees it increased by 25kg. At level 3 it’s increased by 50kg. And finally, at level 4, it’s increased by 100kg. You also gain resistance to being staggered.

After placing a point into Weight Lifting and increasing your skill level, you’ll have to complete a challenge before you can place another point into it, however. For example, at level 1, you’ll have to travel a considerable distance while carrying at least 75% of your carry weight before you can upgrade to level 2. Keep this in mind when developing your character.

There are other ways to increase your carry weight in Starfield as well, of course. There are some consumables that will increase it for a period of time, for example. And on PC, you can use console commands to effectively cheat and set your own carry weight limit. Simply open up the in-game console with the ` key (above Tab), and then enter player.setav carryweight X, with X being your specified carry weight. Just be aware that this will prevent you from earning Achievements. Well, unless you re-enable them via the use of a third-party mod.

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