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Fae Farm

How to Make Ingots in Fae Farm

Read on to find out how to make ingots in Fae Farm, a valuable resource that you’ll need lots of as you progress through the game.

You’ll need a lot of different types of ingots in Fae Farm. They’re used to craft pieces of furniture, build useful machines and to upgrade your tools, amongst other things. Whether it’s copper ingots, iron ingots or ingots of a more valuable material, they’re all made in the same way. And before you can make ingots in Fae Farm, you need a Stone Forge.

To craft a Stone Forge, head to your farm and enter build mode (press ‘down’ on your d-pad). Once you’re in build mode, press ‘down’ on your d-pad once more to bring up the Build Catalogue. From there, you can use your controller’s shoulder buttons to toggle to the ‘Crafting’ section. In there, you’ll find a Stone Forge. To build one, you’ll need 25 stone and 10 coal. They’re easy resources to collect, and you’ll have them in no time by using your pickax on rocks.

Once you’ve created a Stone Forge, interact with it. You can now feed in different types of ore in order to make ingots. To begin with, you’ll only be making copper and iron ingots, but as you progress through the game you’ll find different types of ores that can be used on your Stone Forge, too.

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