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How to Make Lumber in Fae Farm

Fae Farm

Here’s everything you need to know about making lumber in Fae Farm, a useful resource that you’re going to need a lot of as you play.

There are different types of lumber in Fae Farm, and each type of lumber comes from different types of wood. The easiest wood to get, for example, is beech wood – and by using beech wood, you can create beech lumber. As you upgrade your tools and progress through the game, you’ll be able to make different types of lumber, like oak. But how do you make lumber in Fae Farm to begin with?

You’re going to need to craft a lumber station. Head to your farm and enter build mode: press ‘down’ on your d-pad, then ‘down’ again to bring up the Build Catalogue. From there, use the shoulder buttons on your controller to toggle over to the ‘Crafting’ section of the catalogue. In there, you’ll see the Lumber Station. To craft it, you’ll need 15x beech logs, 2x stone brick and 1x copper ingot.

Once you’ve created and placed the Lumber Station, walk up to it and interact with it to use it. By feeding different types of logs into it, you can make lumber. 10 beech logs, for example, will make one beech lumber. Collect as much wood as you can by using your axe on trees and logs in order to be able to make plenty of lumber in Fae Farm.

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