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How to Save Your Game in Starfield

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Find out how to save your game in Starfield so you don’t have to worry about losing any progress.

With a whole universe to explore, Starfield is undoubtedly Bethesda’s biggest game yet. Whether you choose to follow the game’s story or take your time and explore the planets available, chances are you’re going to spend tens of hours in this game’s world. And with your actions having repercussions, you’ll want to save your game frequently so that you not only prevent yourself from losing any progress, but also have a way to undo any unforeseen outcomes that you’re not happy with. So, how do you save your game in Starfield?

To save your game in Starfield, you first need to open up the game’s in-game menu with the Menu button (the one with the three lines). On the screen that appears, press the Menu button again to enter the System menu. From there, simply select the Save option to be taken to the save screen where you can either create a new save or overwrite an existing one. Multiple manual saves can be created, so perhaps keep at least a few, saving before any major decisions or actions are made.

We should also mention that Starfield features an autosave system, which saves your progress regularly for you. This is great for when you’re exploring or are stuck into a mission – even if something goes wrong such as a crash, chances are you won’t lose much progress. There are only so many autosave slots available, though, so eventually they will begin to be overwritten. Starfield has a Quicksave feature, too. Simply access the System menu like when manually saving the game, but select the Quicksave option at the top of the menu instead. There’s only one quicksave slot though, so use it appropriately.

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