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How to Split Inventory Stacks in Paleo Pines

Paleo Pines review

Are you wanting to split stacks in your inventory in Paleo Pines? You don’t always want to use all of something, so this is a handy function to know about.

By default, all items in your inventory will be stacked: all stones will be stacked together, all wood will be stacked together, and all raspberries will be stacked together – and so on and so forth. But you don’t always want to use all of something. If you want to put food in a dino’s trough, for example, you might not want to put it all in there – especially if you have multiple dinosaurs to feed. Thankfully, you can split stacks in Paleo Pines, and here’s how.

To split a stack in Paleo Pines on console or if you’re playing with a controller, you’ll need to hold down the right trigger. Open up your inventory, hold down the right trigger then press A/X on the item you want to split. The stack will split in half. So if you have 50 wood, for example, then split it by holding the right trigger, you’ll then have two piles of 25. You can keep splitting, with piles getting smaller and smaller, by repeating the process. Of course, you’ll always need to have at least one free slot in your inventory to split a stack.

If you’re playing on PC with keyboard and mouse, you can perform the same action but by holding down ctrl.

Although beware: you’ll need to split a stack in your inventory before interacting with a trough or gifting something to a person, for example.

In your inventory, stacks can only ever be a maximum of 99. But in your home storage, stacks can be much bigger. If you have a surplus of one item, it’s worth storing some in your house to keep your inventory tidy.

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