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How to Use Fertilizer in Fae Farm

Read on to find out how to use fertilizer in Fae Farm, a useful resource that can help your crops grow in numerous ways.

If you’re growing crops in Fae Farm, did you know that you can use fertilizer to help them grow? There are different types of fertilizer available: you can add fertilizer to make crops grow quicker, for example, or another type of fertilizer will give you extra yield when it comes to harvest time. But how do you use fertilizer in Fae Farm?

To use fertilizer in Fae Farm, well, you’ve first got to buy some. That’s the easy part – as long as you have some gold. Simply head to the market square: you’ll find the girl selling vegetable seeds and fertilizer on the right-hand side of the main market area.

Once you’ve purchased some fertilizer, head back up to your farm. You’ll need to plant and water your seeds first. Then, interact with your vegetable patch again, and you’ll be prompted to add a fertilizer. That’s all there is to it. You can only add fertilizer to a crop once: then it’s simply a case of taking care of it and waiting for it to grow.

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