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How to Wave and Use Other Emotes in Fae Farm

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Read on to find out how to wave and use other emotes while playing Fae Farm, Phoenix Labs’ adorable farming sim RPG.

Emotes are everywhere in video games these days. They allow you to communicate with other players, interact with the world around you and, sometimes, unlock secrets. In Fae Farm, you’ll use emotes most if you’re playing with friends, but you’ll occasionally need to use them to complete missions, too. So, how do you wave and use other emotes in Fae Farm?

Using emotes is easy: simply press left on your d-pad, which will bring up the emote wheel. There, you can see all your available actions, and wave is on there – by default, it’s on the left. Use your left stick to navigate to the emote you want, then press the OK button to select it (on an Xbox controller, that’s the ‘A’ button).

It’s as simple as that. You can pull up the emote wheel in Fae Farm at any point to interact with friends and NPCs. Have fun playing around with actions and being silly with characters in the game!

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