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How to Disassemble Weapons in Lies of P

Lies of P How to Disassemble Weapons

Did you disassemble weapons in the Lies of P demo but can’t figure out how in full game? Here’s what you need to know.

Lies of P lets you take weapons apart and swap the blade and handle with other weapons. For example, you take the normally hefty Electric Coil Stick and put the electric bit on a rapier handle. It doesn’t make it as light as the rapier but you can thrust the resultant weapon instead of swinging it. But just how do you disassemble weapons?

Unlike the demo, if you want to disassemble and reassemble weapons in Lies of P, you have to defeat a certain boss. Don’t worry, we were scratching our heads at first too. The demo version of Lies of P let you disassemble weapons from the word go but in the full game you don’t get that ability until you’ve defeated the Mad Donkey boss.

The Mad Donkey is the man on the bridge, the next boss after the Scrapped Watchman. He’s not that hard to defeat, just move around him and backstab him when you can. When he dies you’ll meet Geppetto and after that encounter you’ll have the Enigma Assembly Tool. You don’t need to do anything with the tool, you just need to have collected it.

Now, you can go to any Stargazer, or Eugenie in the Hotel Krat, and through the Assemble Weapons options menu, assemble a weapon from the parts of your existing weapons. You don’t have to manually disassemble weapons, the game auto-disassembles them when you make a new one.

That’s how to disassemble weapons in Lies of P.

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