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Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Preview: A Compelling Reason to Jump Back In

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

As if we haven’t got enough games to play right now, later this week we’re just going to have to return to the fantastic remake of Resident Evil 4. Why? Because of the arrival of the Separate Ways, an expansion of sorts for the game, that allows players to take control of Ada Wong and experience some events from a different perspective while also enjoying some fresh new encounters.

We’ve been able to watch ten minutes or so of gameplay from the upcoming DLC, and it’s left us more eager to go hands-on with Ada Wong than before. Not only are we keen to uncover more aspects of Resident Evil 4‘s story, but Ada has a tool in her arsenal that should prove to make the gameplay a little more fun.

A skilled special agent, Ada is equally as capable as Leon in using a knife to stealthily take down opponents – perhaps more so, in fact. She can also make use of a wide range of weapons, such as a rifle and submachine gun. What’s unique to her, however, is a grappling gun, and it looks like it’s going to switch up the gameplay in some interesting ways.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways 2

As well as being able to use the grappling hook to quickly gain access to hard-to-reach areas, such as battlements in the castle area, for example, Ada can also use it in combat. Shoot an enemy with the grappling hook and Ada is catapulted towards it at great speed, allowing her to quickly change her position and also whack enemies with a powerful melee attack. Later we saw her use it against one of Resident Evil 4’s gargantuan bosses, too, slashing at its weak spot while zipping past it numerous times.

With just this one tool, it appears that the gameplay of Resident Evil 4 is revitalised. It opens up new exploration options in areas we’ve already traveled through before, and new ways to not only avoid enemy attacks, but also take the fight to them. Our only question now is: how long are we going to get to be in control of Ada? The footage we’ve been privy to shows her in the majority of Resident Evil 4’s locations, but are we going to get short, sharp levels or something a bit more expansive? We hope for the latter, but with the DLC set to cost just $9.99, we won’t be too disappointed if it’s the former.

Alongside the launch of the Separate Ways DLC, a free update for Resident Evil 4 is also set to bring both Ada Wong and Albert Wesker to Mercenaries mode. So, whether you’re willing to part with any money, there’ll be a reason to return to the game on 21st September. And for PSVR2 owners, a free VR mode is yet to come. Give the launch trailer for Separate ways a watch above.

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