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RIG 600 Pro HS headset

RIG 600 Pro HS Wireless Headset Review – A Strong Midrange Contender

Nacon’s RIG range is a fairly recent addition to the overflowing gaming headset market. But it’s a range worth keeping your eye on. Earlier this year, we reviewed the budget-friendly RIG 300, praising its sound quality and lightweight build. And now, we’ve had our hands (and ears) on its bigger sibling, the wireless RIG 600 Pro HS. It shares its excellent sound quality, is comfortable to wear, and its wireless nature offers an additional degree of versatility.

The RIG 600 Pro HS shares the same structure as the RIG 300: rather than having an adjustable band, the ear cups can be clipped on and off to be placed in one of three different positions. It’s an unusual system, for sure, but something that’s unique to the RIG headset range. We quite like it; it means there’s no band adjustment that can weaken over time. It does mean, however, that it’s harder to get a perfect fit as there are only three positions. Thanks to a large sponge inside the band, though, it’s going to stay in place even if it’s not totally snug – making it comfortable without ever feeling too tight or restrictive.

The ear cups, too, are incredibly soft and cradle your ears perfectly. Combined with how lightweight the headset is, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it at all, making it ideal for extended periods of use. As for the built-in microphone, it tucks away into the left ear cup, so it’s completely out of the way if you don’t need to use it – a very nice touch. Comfort is king, and here, Nacon has absolutely nailed it.

RIG 600 Pro HS headset

Of course, sound quality is equally as important in a headset: there’s no use in being comfortable if the sound output is terrible. Thankfully, there are no complaints here. The RIG 600 Pro HS offers a full, rich sound with excellent clarity. We’ve used it to play a variety of games across both PC and PS5, and we’ve also used it to simply listen to music. No matter what sounds it’s pumping out, it does a stellar job. There’s a good amount of bass here, making music particularly enjoyable to listen to, and when it comes to gaming even the smallest sounds are picked up so you won’t miss a thing.

Giving the headset a premium feel is its accompanying mobile app. Downloadable on iOS and Android, the specialised RIG 600 Pro app allows you to keep your headset up-to-date, assign different profiles and tinker with a number of settings. Granted, the settings here are fairly limited: you can adjust microphone gain and monitoring, and customise the equaliser to allow you to set audio balance to your personal preferences. Chances are, most average users won’t want to fiddle with this – out of the box, everything sounds excellent – but it’s a nice addition for those who do like to tinker.

RIG 600 Pro HS headset

Perhaps the best thing about the RIG 600 Pro HS headset, though, is how easy it has been to use and to switch between devices. With its dual wireless technology, it can connect directly to anything that supports Bluetooth, and an included dongle can be used to connect to PS5 or Switch consoles. Connecting to Bluetooth on our PC and phone is as simple as holding down the connectivity button for six seconds and doing a quick pairing. On PS5, we simply plugged in the dongle to the console’s USB-C port and it instantly connected. By default, the headset starts up in ‘dual’ mode, accepting both dongle and Bluetooth connections – though favouring the dongle when it’s plugged in. It makes it super simple to switch between multiple devices. You can also use the app to set priority to connections via the dongle (i.e. ‘Game’ mode) or Bluetooth.

Costing just shy of €100 or your local equivalent, the RIG 600 Pro HS is comfortably in mid-price territory, comparable to the likes of Sony’s 3D Pulse wireless headset. It offers much more versatility, however, with its connectivity reaching far beyond the PS5. Yes, cheaper headsets do exist (and if you’re on a budget we’d suggest looking up the RIG 300 Pro) but you’ll be hard-pushed to find a versatile wireless headset at this price point that offers the same level of quality and comfort. Consider us very impressed.

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