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Starfield Sarah Morgan

Starfield Has an Incredibly Creepy Secret Feature

Starfield has its fair share of surprises but there’s one hidden feature that’s downright creepy. Forget packing your cargo bay with contraband or axe-murdering a kindly granny, this is the activity that should get you arrested.

As spotted by Reddit user TheGalacticCactus (via TheGamer), you can wander around just pulling NPCs hair. If a character’s hair is long enough to have its own physics, you can hold A and just give it a yank.

The NPCs themselves remain utterly unperturbed, which is surprising given that Starfield cracks down on manipulating objects. Unlike Skyrim, if you attempt to lift something that doesn’t belong to you, it’s counted as a crime. You can be gunned down just touching something.

But just messing with someone’s hair? No-one so much as raises an eyebrow, even the NPCs whose perfectly coiffed hair you’re meddling with.

As horror fans, we find this Starfield oddity doubly creepy. Not only is it unsettling in its own right, but it reminds us of the beach scene from It Follows. We won’t spoil it but if you have seen it you’ll find this ‘feature’ as unsettling as we do.

You can do this to any NPC with ‘separate’ hair, though we’ve been focusing on the Constellation members. Our hope is they’ll just kick us out. It’s not worked so far, but maybe a few more tugs will convince them that they can find their own stupid artefacts.

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