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Starfield’s Been Out a Day and Someone’s Already Made Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano in a chair over a Starfield screenshot

Forget The Crimson Fleet, it’s the mob that rules the spaceways. At least it will if Starfield’s new space-gangster Tony Soprano, gets his way. Thanks to Starfield’s character creator, players are coming up with some interesting ‘new’ player avatars.

And while there are a fair few to choose from but our favourite so far has to be this Tony Soprano, from Redditor Ashdaddy10. It’s as close to the late James Gandolfini, who played the character in HBO’s crime drama series The Sopranos, as you can get.

Okay, a couple of people have likened it to Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force but this is Galdofini’s Tony Soprano to a T. And if the actor was still around we’d absolutely be Cameoing him to do Starfield lines.

It’s also got us wondering how The Sopranos’ other characters would fare in Bethesda’s space-based RPG. We’re already imagining Paulie Walnuts lecturing us about the state of Neon’s space-toilets. Besides which, the official The Sopranos game was pretty dire.

Tony Soprano aside, there are some other curious characters on display in Starfield’s (unofficial) Reddit. The game’s official launch date is September 6th, but those who’ve bought the the Starfield Digital Premium Edition or the Starfield Constellation Edition can play it now. We’ve also seen Space Todd Howard but that’s not genuine, much as we’d like to to be. But when the Starfield modding scene kicks off? Who knows.

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