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Starfield, with the player holding a deck of playing cards.

This Starfield Player Collected Every Single Playing Card

Roaming around Starfield, you’ll find playing card after playing card scattered around. We’ve never – so far- encountered a entire set in one place, but that hasn’t stopped one player from collecting a full deck of 52.

Sure, some people want to uncover the mysteries of the galaxy but Reddit user Gjaltebram has made it their mission to comb the galaxy for every single card, displaying them proudly for all to see.

They’re missing a couple of jokers but given the effort that must have gone into that, we’ll let that slide. Besides which, we’ve never seen a single joker on our travel.

Is it as impressive as stealing sandwiches from other people’s ships? The jury’s still out on that. But if there’s anyone stuck for something to do, why not recreate Gjaltebram’s Starfield feat, this time taking a playing card from each enemy vessel you board?

Sadly, there’s no card game in Starfield so they won’t be able to put the playing card deck to good use. But given how much freedom it gives you it’s fascinating to see some of the more unusual tasks players are undertaking. Sorry, Constellation, the mysteries of the cosmos will have to wait, we’ve got a ship’s hold to fill with Chunks.

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