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Starfield Eiffel Tower Photoshop

This Starfield Player is Flying Round Space in the Eiffel Tower

We’ve seen some ridiculous Starfield vessels, from L-shaped Tetris ships through to Borg Cubes. But one player has outdone the lot and is flying around in space in a chunkier version of the Eiffel Tower. Or the Blackpool Tower if you prefer to see it that way. Either way, it’s a wild way to travel the cosmos.

Admittedly, there is a little modding involved. You can build your own starship but Starfield puts limits on how big it can be. But this PC-based Ship Builder Unrestricted mod removes those limits and, coupled with another cheat, allows players to go absolutely wild.

However, even with the limit removed Starfield players aren’t getting a free ride. They still have to give their creation enough power that it’ll take off. So we tip our hats to Reddit user ConnerRia2 for actually getting their massive, Eiffel Tower-style creation into the air.

Not that it needs to be in the air to be seen, that is. As ConnerRia2 notes, they’ve “..added a new landmark to New Atlantis.” This vessel is so enormous that it can be seen from several miles away. It dwarfs some of the nearby buildings and we can’t begin to imagine how much contraband you could stuff inside it.

You can see their creation in action above. To underline just how enormous it is, ConnorRia 2 concludes by flinging themselves to their death down the ship’s central ladder. But when you’ve got a ship this ridiculous, who needs health and safety? Or handrails?

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